Dean Koorey, Copywriter

Hi, i’m Dean Koorey and here’s a little bit about me. I’ve arranged the chairs in a circle, so take a seat, and we’ll begin.

I live in Kiama, NSW, Australia, with my wife and three kids. It’s about an hour and a half south of Sydney and it has a blowhole, three pubs and lots of roundabouts. Everything is less than five minutes away (except Sydney) and the only traffic jams happen when a mother duck and her baby ducklings cross the road. It’s great.

I’ve been freelance copywriting since 2006. Prior to that I worked for a number of years in a big-city full-service whiz-bang Advertising Agency (Draft FCB, Auckland), as both an Art Director and Copywriter. Prior to that I was a Graphic Designer and prior to that I was born.

Having worked on each side of the creative fence – in both the ‘pictures’ and ‘words’ arenas, it gives me (and you) the advantage of being able to understand the context of what I write. In terms of writing styles, I can supply whatever you’re after – from professional to TXT SPK, and everything in between. For me, it’s this variety, plus the variety of products & services I write about, that keeps me turning up to work each day. (Well, that and the fact that I only have to walk 10 metres from my bed.)

Working with me is fun (I should know). Yes, you’ll get your words, but you’ll also have me and my team of typewriting monkeys along for the ride. And I’m always on email or mobile to help out with a quick blurb, tricky headline, witty one-liner or the answer to 12-across.

I’ll happily provide a quote, won’t get upset if you don’t use it, and if a job ever needs revising, I’m a black-beret-free zone – never too precious about ‘my work’, because really it’s your work. I’m not happy until you’re happy.

Okay, that’s enough. Go and click on something else. The spotlight is burning my forehead.

Kiama, NSW. Home to a blowhole. And me.
Kiama, NSW. Home to a blowhole. And me.
Me trying to multitask - photo AND coffee. (Nailed it.)Me trying to multitask – photo AND coffee. (Nailed it.)