(that’s probably you, by the way)

So, who uses copywriters?

To find out if you’re one of the chosen few that could use my help, read on…

  • You’re a Creative Director/Manager of an agency that does not have an in-house copywriter, but you still need to provide these services to your clients. I’m your guy.
  • You’re a Creative Director who DOES have in-house copywriters but either doesn’t like them, or they’re just too busy, so you need to throw some extra work at me. Start throwing.
  • You have always written your own stuff, but think a more polished job might help your business. Basically, you want to sound like the big guns without spending the big sums.
  • Your website is stuck in the 20th century. It needs a fresh coat of paint and a fresh coat of speak. Like a decade-long renovation project, bits have been added here and there, from various people. You want someone to give it one voice and fast. No problem.
  • You’re Colonel Mustard, with the revolver, in the Billiard Room.
  • Your idea of marketing is the clip-art that came with your 1997 version of Microsoft Word. Being a versatile guy, I’ll not only come up with the words, but also have the skills to mock up a visual concept to suit them.
  • You need something written, and quite frankly, it’s driving you crazy. It could be a speech, a cover letter for a resumé, perhaps even a business proposal. I’m up for anything, with the possible exception of suicide notes and Dear John letters.
  • You work for a publication of some kind and need to get your hands on a freelance writer who can turn around a story on X, Y or Z, ASAP. (Clearly it’s a magazine about the alphabet.) Of course you need it yesterday and of course I can help you out.
  • You don’t like the stuff you currently have. You want someone to do it better.
  • You don’t have any stuff. You want some.


That pretty much covers it. If you saw yourself in one or more of those categories, it’s time to talk.

Here’s some people you may recognise that have benefitted from my words: Honda, Coca-Cola, Avis, Bupa, Telstra, RTA, Greens, Nivea, Mirvac, Ray White, Foxtel, Seek, James Hardie, Victa, Deals Direct, Kaplan, Fitness Australia, Holden, Kumho, Sydney University, Mitre 10.

But remember you don’t need to be a big business. You just need to want big things for your brand.

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