Stalkers! Identity thieves!
Gather round…

You can email me right here thanks.

Or how about you send me a postcard or box of chocolate coated liquorice to PO Box 193 Kiama NSW 2533.

My phone is always on me. (But not always on.) You’ll be wanting to dial 0410 397 387.

Or you could try to fax me. However, I no longer own a fax machine so will simply yell a high pitched squeal down the line. It could get awkward. Just email me instead.

Skype is both a noun and a verb. And I’m available on deankoorey.

Oh, and of course there’s Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn too. You can find their icons below. And the other day I joined Pinterest by mistake after clicking something twice. So there’s that. I have one pin.

I used to have a carrier pigeon. But it ran off with the twitter logo.

I look forward to making contact (like the big heading says).


photo 2