I can write your wwwords

I write a lot of things for clients. Brochures, radio scripts, slogans – once I even wrote a father-of-the-groom speech for a complete stranger. But a large chunk of stuff is website writing.

Do you design websites?

No, I don’t do the building side of things, but I know some clever people who do. What I do is fill the pages with content (that’s webspeak for words).

I have an existing site, but the writing needs updating. Can you help?

Now we’re talking. Of course I can help. I devoted a whole page of my website to it, didn’t I?

Is the writing on my website really all that important though?

If you have taken the time to have a website in the first place, why WOULDN’T you want it to sound good? It’s all about first impressions. I read today (quoted from Peter Shankman) that one out of every two business websites have spelling mistakes on the home page. EVERY SECOND WEBSITE. If you want more customers to take you seriously, it pays to make a good impression on your webpage.

I need some of that SEO stuff too please. Ummm, what is it again?

SEO is ‘Search Engine Optimisation’ – basically how you make your webpage more visible to search engines such as Google. Now, behind the scenes of a website, there a keywords, meta descriptions, even the title at the top of the browser (this one should say ‘Website Copy’) helps guide people to the page.  Those are for you or your web person to sort.

As your copywriter, my role in the SEO side of things is to get the balance right between appealing to the search engine robots while not sounding robotic. It’s worthwhile inserting important and relevant words like your name, business, industry, location and other searchable terms into the copy.

That said, I’m a big believer in writing for the person in front of you and not for a robot. That means keeping the text flowing and natural sounding, with just the right nod to the Googlebots and web spiders.

People also have shorter attention spans on the internet, where usually waiting more than 5 seconds for a page to load is too long. So the copy needs to be a bit punchier. Shorter sentences. No long paragraphs. Frequent subheadings. Bullet lists. Stuff like that.

For example, this whole section was waaaay too long. 🙂

I don’t have any text yet. Can you help?

Certainly can. We’ll need to figure out what you want to say, and at least a bunch of things you want on the page or pages. A site map helps figure out what will go where. Sometimes there is overlap.

How much will it cost me?

Each job differs, based on existing material or any research involved. Generally, you’ll be looking at approx $200 for a page with up to 250 words on it. That’ll probably be something like an ABOUT page or SERVICES etc. However, if you’ve got a whole site to do, I’ll be discounting each individual page because content overlaps and it’s also easier when you get a bit of momentum going.

Do you wanna build a snowman better website? Then let’s get writing! You can contact me here.